London packs his bags

Hello friends!

As I’ve already mentioned in our forums my plan is to do alot of blogging during december.

In a little while you’ll get up-to-date news from the road, but we’ll start with yesterdays packing procedure:

A Selection Of Important Items To Not Forget :


Makeup, + scissors for the last minute adjustments of hair cut just before going on stage… Everything installed in a way too expensive Mary Kay softcase.


Well, the obvious, Proffs & Silver Schampoo… (Yes I’m up for sponsorship deals) Please note the small “tourbrush” my sister just gave to me. Very convenient

This is my little toolkit. Beer-openers & a few sewing kits from various hotels…. And a couple of Dia Psalma pins, for some reason.

Now on to clothes.

Going through my stash of t-shirts I did find a few I haven’t even seen before. Or , more likely maybe, I’ve just forgot about them. However I did find some classics as well that holds very strong memories for me.

At least every swedish dude should enjoy this one :

Can’t believe she has her own merch! Even discharge-printed! It can’t be a bootleg so this one is probably quite rare. I wonder if she has street teams as well…

Surprisingly enough I have not yet managed to lose these 3 :

Worn basically every day from 2000 – 2003 and can be seen on alot of photos from the early days.

I will bring all this junk:

I’ll be gone for one day so hmmm three boxes of snus will have to be enough. Also a swedish folköl for the long trip.

I’m also bringing one or another electronic device… Gotta do the blogs and shit!

Well! As usually I’m running out of time and it’s getting really late here. You will receive inside reports from the tour bus tomorrow….

Keep your hair in shape (I will do that as well)


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