Wish me luck

Woke up early for a meeting with Rovdjuret, our merch-guy. Had some economical issues to go through. As a full time artist, you need to deal with those things as well! I had the biggest cup of coffe that I’ve ever seen and we chatted for a few hours… Time just disappears when I get to discuss the music industry :).

Another thing I had to deal with was that my home was still filled with merchandise-cardboard-boxes, and finally I managed to have the energy to at least move them to the attic so now one can live here again :).

My wife came home today, after being out of town for 8 days and it’s a fantastic feeling to have the family complete again, and the cats seems to agree. Not that I’m a bad father, I think, but I must admit I haven’t been home much lately. For obvious reasons.

I’ve had a melody line running in my head constantly for the last few days. Just started to try to make a Alter Egon song out of it. I haven’t written lyrics in a such a long time, I wonder if I even remember how to do it. I hope I do. In a little while, I will probably know.

Wish me luck!


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