And here’s the toothpaste I bought :

Nahh not really… I bought that one during our last european tour with Hardcore. I think Thomas Silver found that treasure in some store and I went out to buy all I could find of this brand. Maybe it requires some knowledge in the Swedish language to understand how hillarious it is though.

Coming to think of it I actually forgot to buy toothpaste. Well well.

Now I’m going to deaf & dumb to pick up our beanies and I’m truly excited about that.

You’ll hear more from me tonight that’s for sure.


Good morning!

Just woke up on the sofa. My wife is out of town and for some reason I prefer to sleep on the sofa when I´m alone. It can´t be because of the TV – I prefer to keep that damn thing shut off because it makes me stressed like nothing else.

My kitchen window is broken. I have no tooth paste. I have no food.

But I have two wonderful cats who won´t leave me alone and I love it.

The plans for today are obviously to buy tooth paste, and a school book haha maybe that catched your interest.

I´m also gonna pick up our brand new crashdiet beanies haha good that they arrived just in time for spring! According to them, the chinese new years eve came in the way so my order was processed a few months late. I hope they enjoyed their vacation…

I still have a lot of tweaking to do on our fabulous website. Thanks for reporting all your issues in our forums. Please keep doing that.

We´re glad we´ve seen so much online activity here from you guyz lately and we hope you´ll keep popping in on such a regular basis! Your promotion efforts makes us thrilled as well. I´m proud to have people like you around. Keep on doing what you do :).

Gotta start my day now. See ya later!



Thanx for all the nice feedback:)
We’re constantly trying to improve the site your needs (and our needs;))

Beer time!


I’m gonna try to get used to this blog thing. Mean while I wanna know what u think of the new design?

I’m gonna post som fun stuff from now on;)