I havent been able to post any updates lately due to bad internet connections. We´ve been back in Germany for a few days after some successful shows in Italy. Last night we played Cologne. The place was packed.. I think?

After the show we met up with our friends in Bullet who played the same night so you can imagine the party;)

I’ll give you pixx n details as soon as the connection is better.



Todays venue is a bigger one which is nice. A huge backstage area with a private bar and all. This far into a tour I usually like crap, but this time I’ve been out for a run, working out etc before most shows so I feel quite good:)

Yesterday must have the hottest show on the tour so far! We were sweating like pigs! The crowd was insane though so it didnt matter..








Back on trakk =)

Things took a drastic turn yesterday. We got a new bus, Peter fixed his back and the weather was amazing! The gig in Passignano sul Trasimeno was sweaty as hell and there was a lot of pleased dietheads attending. We were in good spirits :)

See you tonight, Pinarella!

The venue

Hardcore chillin out

Just after taking a swim in the ocean.

Dark n ugly

Last night was interesting… Half of Hardcore Superstar slept outdoors.. We had roof over our heads but slept on the floor and I cannot tell you why.. This tour is getting ugly..

See you tonight Zürich!


So France was sold out the other night and also Belgium. Not Bad! Our good friend Swan from Blackrain came up and did “Caught in Despair” with us.

We had a much need day off in Hamburg yesterday which was nice. We took a walk through the Reeperbahn area, a fascinating place that seams to have no laws..

Jocke giving Peter some help with his back pains.

A penis store in Reeperbahn.

Adde posing in his favorite t-shirt ;)

We finally got a full rider in Belgium :)

Sweaty as hell

Tonight in Belgium was a bit tougher.. We looked like we just came of the shower when the show was over. Insanely warm on stage and I who never get time to drink water during the set ;) Gotta change that.

Time to do some signing!

over n out