Finally, my jetlag is calming down a little bit :). Today I woke up as late as 5.30am and I haven’t felt this rested for a long time. I love it! It’s wierd though, I’ve been traveling my whole life but never had issues like this with jetlag. Does it have to do with my age? Haha

Well, not much else is new, we reherse every day and once I’m back home I’m helping Pete with the album shippings until I’m too tired to even stand up and then I go straight to bed, haha. Having a blast 24/7 though, it’s so exciting to finally release this album!

Gotta go get ready for rehersal now. Wanna sound good when you see us live, haha.

Have a lovely day awesome folks :P


Silent signing sessions

Been a little busy the last two days! We shot a video last Sunday and Monday. Yesterday we finally started rehearsing. It’s so refreshing to play new songs!!!

I’ve been jetlagged since I came home from LA but it’s alright now actually, I wake up at 2 AM EVERY night no matter what, but since I know that know I can plan my activities around it. I started signing albums at 2.30 because I knew I was gonna be up by then. Maybe this is a better formula then the usual 6-7 hours of constant sleep every night, at least I’m a little flexible now haha.

The whole band is coming to my place tomorrow to sign booklets. I hope to be done with mine before they arrive so that I can focus on being a great host and all that haha.

Gotta keep signing here. See ya around!


I forgot how to sleep again…

Seriously, I’ve only slept for about 10 hours since I came back from LA, 3 days ago, once again I’ve lost the ability to sleep appearantly :(.

I’ll call my doctor first thing tomorrow morning that’s for sure. There are some pills out there that actually works for me, strong like hell, and addictive too so one better be a bit careful here hehe. From one drug (alcohol) straight into another (pillz). :).

On my way to a video shoot now so expect some instagram action during the day!

See ya around


30 days without alcohol?

My dear god, my insomnia is worse than ever and my jetlag is still causing problems. I think it’s because I forgot to face the daylight yesterday hehe, I had a quick breakfast and then I sat the whole day e-mailing in my basement without any windows haha. So I guess my body’s internal clock is completely messed up hehe, and I’ve only had 4hours of sleep for the last 2 days but I’m still not sleepy hmmm..

Trying to force myself to catch as much daylight as I can today and hopefully I’ll be sleepy tonight so I’ll finally get some rest :P.

But the good thing about these sleepless nights is that you get time to think!

Last night I was thinking that maybe I should stop drinking for a while and focus on band work, exercise and healthy food instead. Well, I always eat healthy, but I think a healthy diet works better if it’s not mixed with loads of liquor on a daily basis :).

As you all know I love to drink and I’m a responsible drunk and I function very well on alcohol too. Still, it’s probably wise to skip it for a while. For health reasons. Damn, I’m gonna be at least 100 years old. My chances for a long life increases the less poison I put in my body, I suppose.

I’ll try at least and you better support me on this one as it’s gonna be hard :)

Now I have to dig into piles of paper. I hate this. But I need to have it done before the next world tour starts :)

Luv ya!


Me & Winnie the pooh

Check out this video from my last full day in California. I was so happy, haha!

Disneyland is awesome.

Sorry for the lack of blogging during my trip. I was simply too lazy for taking out my laptop all the time and I tried to stay away from the e-mails and all those nasty little things who keeps me too busy while being at home :P. I was pretty good on Instagram though I think!

It’s impossible to summarize my trip in just a few words so I’ll just leave it behind as the best vacation ever filled with memories for life!

I’ll spend the weekend with paper work so there’s not much excitement going on right now but it would be nice to have it done before the Hell tour and all that starts :)

See you around :)



Technical glitches

Why is it that every time I try to get a pre-paid US sim card it simply does not work?

Been on the line with this stupid net10wireless customer service and when I after about an hour finally got to talk to a real person she could barely speak a word of English! How the f*ck can you work with customer service for a US company without knowing English! The fact that I’m no expert myself made it only worse, haha! Well, they can go f*ck themselves, I’ll try an AT&T store and hope for better luck this time because the last time we were here they gave me a hard time too. How can it  be so hard? Haha :)

Yesterday was so good. I went on a little boat trip with my new friend Andrew, from Manhattan Beach, had a bottle of Jack Daniels and then went straight to Mickey Avalon as you might have already seen on Instagram. His lyrics are simply amazing, so good to hear it live. Well, as live as rap music get, at least, haha!

At the hotel in Burbank right now getting ready for a fabulous dinner at the Rainbow and tomorrow we’ll fly early to Sacramento. This is like being on tour but without the stressful parts that always come with touring.

I’m a little dissatisfied about the fact that I have nothing to drink right now so I’ll try to sort that out – Merry Christmas everyone and hopefully I’ll check back in here tomorrow too.



Random stuff…

Wow, finally on a working Internet connection again. Disneyland was awesome and the hotel we had was great too but I tend to quickly lose my patience with staying online in when the wifi does not work properly :P.

Now I’m in Manhattan beach and yesterday I was at the Bank of America office together with our US CPA to sign some bank papers, haha, soon we’ll have our first American credit card with our names and CRASHDIET LLC on them, can’t wait.

Tonight we’ll go to Hermosa Beach to see a Mickey Avalon show. Sunday will be spent in Hollywood and Melrose hopefully, then we’ll get to Sacramento on the 24th.

I just answered 35 e-mails and I’m happy to have some peace of mind, finally :).

Did you like our new music video by the way? Haha I think it’s so awesome, we had lot’s of fun doing it too… What did you think about my acting? hahaha :)

I miss you all, see ya around!


Drunk at Disneyland

Hey, I’m at Disneyland! We got so drunk last night, we finished a bottle of whiskey just the two of us haha I had the best time ever. Before that we had an awesome dinner at Rainforest Café and I had the best chicken I’ve ever tasted in my whole life. And two Coronas, they were good too!

I’m so hung over I can barely even sit up but I have to get ready and I have to get some sun just so that I’ll adjust to this the time zone I’m in :P. I’ll go to an AT&T store later today and I’ll hopefully get internet to work so I can keep you a little updated during the day!

I didn’t dare to open my e-mail program just yet, so if you’re waiting for e-mails from me please be patient, I’ll have a look tonight once I’m recovered!

Well, gotta get ready, see ya :)


Leaving Sweden!

The last time I tried to have some time off I missed my flight and canceled my vacation, things looks bright this time though as I’m already at the airport, waiting to board the plane to LA, god damn I can’t f*cking believe it!

I haven’t blogged for a while and I haven’t even logged in to our forums, it’s because I needed to finish all the little projects I had laying around everywhere before I left. I didn’t finish all of them, but most – so at least I can relax a little without having to be at the office 24/7 during this vacation haha. And my manager has everything under control anyways. It’s just that I’m a workaholic.

I’ll be in Hollywood, Anaheim, Sacramento, San Fransisco, Las Vegas & San Diego (because I’m desperate to meet that little panda baby they have over there) and I’ll be gone for 3 weeks. I’m armed with an unlocked iPhone this time so I hope to get internet to work so anyone who cares can follow me on instagram and this blog!

So this year I’m celebrating Christmas on the 25th together with my girlfriend and her family in Sacramento, times are changing ehh… Life is an exciting ride for sure.

Time to board, see ya!



Went up at 07, so tired, it was a miracle I manage to leave bed. Started working at 09, and from lunch time I was constantly about to fall asleep. Got off work at 19, went grocery shopping, came home 20.15, cooked food for tomorrow, now it’s almost 21 and I’m in bed already, about to sleep.

Was your day as exiting as mine?

F*cking hell, I need to change this pattern – and I will soon :P

Goodnight people :)