Spending the weekend at my parent’s summerhouse. The beauty of nature strikes me as usual :P


Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend as well!




Beer, cookies and rock n’ roll

Just came back from another legendary CRASHDÏET rehearsal :P. Eric brought his delicious home made cookies. We happen to have a fully equipped bar there as well so a alcoholic drink or two might find it’s way down my throat as well :O.

Preparing for Brazil and everything feels great. We’re tighter than ever and most of all we’re having the most fun we’ve ever had as a band. The chemistry is there again and the joy of music appears stronger than ever.

Good times!



Even though I’m feeling sick as a dog due to severe lack of sleep my soul is happier than ever. I can honestly say that I’ve had moments when I haven’t been 100% certain about the future for my band since hell broke loose about a year and a half ago but it finally feels like we as a band can drop the bad things that happened and move on, and as usual we’re wiser and stronger than ever :). I’m happy because I haven’t had these feelings for a while to be honest. It’s nice to be back on track and feeling truly inspired again. Yaaay!

Btw I just realized that could use an iPad for my upcoming birthday as a well deserved gift to myself. I’m tired of writing notes on my tiny iPhone keyboard all the time and I could definitely use something quicker for recording song ideas than plugging in my workstation with a million cables and the regular computer hassle. I hear there are new iPads coming out though so maybe it’s
better to wait. All these choices, he he.

Off to rehersal again. Fun stuff :)

Yours truly


Another “quickie”

… and today we had the coziest rehersal ever. Started working on new material together, so I’m super stoked obviously. My life is coming back together, yaaaay! ❤️️

Just a quick note

Dear diary, I’m now on my way back from one of the coziest band dinners we’ve ever had. Starting rehersal tomorrow. The future looks bright at the moment. Nice! //LONDON

The meaning of… everything?

Alright now…!

I realized one thing on my way home from the Grammy awards earlier today. I put on this one song that I really love, and damn, I really love that song. The lyrics just fits me, perfectly. I can identify with it. It gives me so much hope about life, that another person – who is a great artist – obviously carries around the same feelings that I do. It proves that I’m not the only one carrying these feelings. I feel connected to this artist and I love his work. His work makes my life easier.

The main reason I love to make music and release this music to the public is because I hope that someone else can connect to this, and sometimes feel the same way I do about things. And maybe I can help this person through the day. Maybe this person can put on our music on his / her way to work – and somehow feel that life isn’t so bad  after all – because there is music in this world. That’s how I feel, when I listen to music.

If I have contributed to making even ONE person’s life easier by listening to our music, I feel that life is pretty much worth it, after all. And I feel that that’s exactly the reason why I’m still here. I really hope we’ve made a difference for people. I really hope that’s the case.

If it is, I’ll fall asleep like the happiest guy on earth tonight :D






I must say that I’m overwhelmed by the number of encouraging comments attached to my last post, he he, thank you guyz!

And yes, therapy really is a good thing and I’d say it’s something that everybody would have use of, you know, just to go there once in a while and check things, haha… It’s so easy to get stuck in negative patterns, damn it, sometimes you need someone with experience who can just guide you a little bit through this insanely difficult thing called “life”….

Well… happy to say that I’m feeling better nowadays… was going through some photos from our old site and found some good memories in there, haha. I uploaded a few too to this site as you might have noticed already…

It actually amazes me a little that we’ve been to all these places… While the tour is going on you ain’t got much time to reflect over things, and when you get home everything is chaotic for a while too. So I’m taking a moment right now to reflect over the last 3 or 4 CRASHDÏET-years…  We’ve actually done a lot of stuff… and played a lot of shows… no time wasted he he.

I’ll keep looking through the photos as they make me smile. That’ll be enough therapy for today. :)


2014, I salute you

Damn, 2013 was a tough one for sure! I seriously hope to be able to pull myself up from this black deep hole I’ve been in since around May last year. I’ve been going to therapy (still am) and it has helped me tremendously, gotta keep doing that for a while because I’ve seriously lost my path of life here lately :/. Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it haha!