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Look out for more samples!
you know where to look...
We´re just doin a few updates. It´ll be up again shorty.

Login and listen to some outtakes of new music that the band is currently working on.
The page will frequently be updated with new sound clips so be sure to check in as
often as you can!

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We announce our first gig with SIMON CRUZ, which will take place on the Sweden Rock Boat on October 8th. Get your tickets right here!

Also, from now on you can follow all member of CRASHDÏET on Twitter, right here above the news site.

Wikked, huh... :)
It´s official! SIMON CRUZ is the new singer of CRASHDÏET!
As if you bastards havent figured that out already ya f****rs =)
An interview with the new lineup is released in Sweden Rock Magazine,
in stores today! A translation will be available soon... mean while, check out
the new pix of the new lineup in our gallery!